Premier Suite
Free WiFi
Gym Access
Iron & Iron Board
Jacuzzi Baths
Satellite TV

Discover the Best Premier Suite Room in Juffair

The Diva Hotel, Juffair offers stylish and well-appointed Guest Rooms furnished with the very best in comfort and designed for privacy. They are cozy nooks that provide a peaceful retreat in which to relax in luxury and unwind indolently throughout your stay. The Premier Suite of  55.27 sq mtrs is a luxuriously sized suite, equipped with a king sized bed and a living room space. This suite includes bathroom with rain shower and bath tub, minibar, high speed WiFi, coffee & tea facilities, digital safe, iron & iron board, extra bed on request. Limited number of suites with jacuzzi baths. Suitable for corporate and business travellers.

The Premier Suite Room at The Diva Hotel

The Premier Suite Room is an area of 55.27 Sq.M, with a central king-sized bed surrounded by a lavishly furnished living space. The Premier Rooms are on the higher floors, offering the better views and with ornate fittings and more luxurious furniture. The Premier Room at The Diva is large enough to offer an extra living space that usually only suites facilitate. The interior is tastefully designed to maximize the depth of space and ease of movement within. Some of these rooms have stunning beach views with breath-taking views of the city. the Manama Bay or the Grand Mosque.

The comfortable furnishings  and tasteful upholstery with damask brocades, embroidered curtains, the soft and luxuriant bed linen all make for lovely long weekend ‘staycation’ or a break for a urban holiday. To top it all, the excellent room service will have you lolling in the lap of luxury without a care in the world.


The Luxuries of the Best Premier Suite Room in Bahrain – at The Diva Hotel

The large windows open to bracing fresh sea breeze into these oversized rooms, filled with Arabian sunshine to delight you from comfortable armchairs or your heavenly bed. The Diva offers the most luxurious hotel rooms in Bahrain.

The Premier Suite Room at The Diva Hotel, Juffair, has a fine lavatory arrangement with bathtub and rain-shower designed in glass stalls for moisture containment. You can perform your routine ablutions in pristine sanitary conditions while surrounded by luxurious décor and fittings. Some the suites even have a Jacuzzi bath for a touch of hydrotherapy or just to relax or even just for your pleasure. A digitally controlled vault to house your valuables is fit inconspicuously by the bed. For you to stay connected, high speed Wi-fi is made available for your business, personal or entertainment requirements. The Premier Suite is ideal for corporate and business travelers. For your domestic concerns an iron with an iron board can be requested. Of course, the in-house laundry services are available 24/7.

To keep your group together an extra bed can be provided on request..

Revel in Indolence At The Diva Hotel, Juffair

While comfortably nestled in your Premier Suite Room in Juffair, you can enjoy the beverages in the mini-bar. There are provisions like electrical outlets, kettles, sachets of coffee, tea and sugar to brew a cup of your favourite hot beverage any time during the day or night. Wifi and TV make for entertainment at your fingertips. The Wellness Boutique provide a well-equipped gym for a healthy work-out, a massage spa to knead your knotted and tired muscles and a beauty salon to tend to your personal requirements. A deluxe swimming pool with lavish design details can cool you off or allow you a few laps of energetic swimming.

What is Premiere room?

Rooms are rated by different global standards from place to place. The Premier room is usually the largest in area and the most luxurious room with the best furnishings. At the Diva Hotel, The Premier rooms include a living space making it large enough to be classified as a Suite Room.

What is the difference between superior and premium room?

Superior and premium rooms have the same size, the differences between them is the details & facilities provided in the premium rooms, which are a great deal more elaborate and luxurious in a high end hotel.

Which is the Premier suite room in Bahrain ?

The Diva Hotel at Juffair, Bahrain houses the most splendid Premier Suite rooms which are very popular for their luxury and comfort.

What are the benefits of premier suite room in bahrain?

The Premier Suite Room in Bahrain offers guests a range of benefits, including comfort, spaciousness, amenities, privacy, stunning views, and exceptional service. With high-quality bedding and furnishings, a separate living area and a range of amenities, guests can relax and unwind in a luxurious and comfortable environment. The Premier Suite Room in Juffair also offers a high level of privacy, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet during their stay. Additionally, the staff at the Premier Suite Bahrain provides exceptional service, ensuring that guests feel welcome and comfortable throughout their stay.

What are the special features of premier suite room in bahrain?

The Premier Suite Room in Bahrain, Juffair offers guests a range of special features, including high-quality furnishings and decor, comfortable bedding, a spacious living area, stunning views, and a range of amenities. The suite room is typically larger than a standard hotel room, providing guests with plenty of space to relax and unwind. It also features a range of amenities, including a flat-screen TV, high-speed internet, and a pool. The bathroom is fully equipped with toiletries and some suites even have a bathtub for a soothing soak. Overall, the Premier Suite Room offers guests a luxurious and comfortable stay with a range of special features to enhance their experience.